Meet Karla Roberdeau

Karla Roberdeau's reputation as a keynote speaker, trainer and business coach is well-deserved. Her extensive experience, coupled with her impressive track record, has made a significant impact on the real estate industry and on all referral based businesses.

She is a certified referral trainer and business coach affiliated with Michael J Maher and the Seven Levels of Communication. This certification attests to her expertise in helping individuals and businesses develop effective referral strategies, build meaningful relationships, and elevate their communication skills. All with timeless systems that don't include financial investments.

Karla's impact extends far beyond her immediate professional accomplishments. Her charismatic and engaging speaking style captivates audiences, leaving them inspired and motivated to take action. Whether delivering a keynote address or conducting a training session, Karla has a unique ability to connect with individuals, tapping into their potential and empowering them to achieve greatness.

Her methodology is rooted in her deep understanding of human behavior and communication dynamics. Her approach is personalized for each audience, providing practical strategies and actionable steps that yield tangible results.

Her genuine care for the success and well-being of others is what truly sets her apart. She approaches each interaction with a deep sense of empathy, creating a supportive environment that allows her clients to flourish. Karla's dedication to her clients' growth and her unwavering commitment to their success make her a trusted and highly sought-after mentor in the industry.

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